Your Questions: Is It OK To Play Unofficial Edits Of Unreleased Tracks?

A Digital DJ Tips reader, who I’ll keep anonymous, writes: “So a friend of mine made an edit / extended a track that hasn’t been released yet and sent it to me. I love the track but the thing is that it’s going to be released on quite a big progressive house/electro house label later this year.

“So as my friend doesn’t own the rights to the track, maybe that would say that I can’t play it live. But on the other hand he edited it so since it’s his work (based on another person’s work), so maybe it would be OK to play it, since he’s happy for me to do so? Help please!”Image


Your Questions: Where Does A Sub Plug In To My Controller?

Digital DJ Tips reader Ian asks a question that comes up surprisingly often: “The question I have is how do you hook up a sub to a controller? I see my controller has both speaker outputs, but nowhere to plug in a sub.

“Please forgive me if this seems a little bit of a dumbass question. I’m now making the move from the house DJ (quite literally) to playing to crowds locally in which I’ll be using a controller. Any information on this would be great.”